Sunday, April 18, 2021

VGS News & Events: April 18 through April 24, 2021

Wednesday, April 21
General Monthly Meeting:  10:00am - 12.45pm
Guest Speaker:  Luana Darby, CG
Session 1:  10:00 to 11:15am
Topic:  The Librarian Knows Where It’s At – Using State Archives and Local Libraries Resources Online
Session 2:   11:30 to 12:45pm
Topic:  Finding Hidden Gems: Strategic Searches on the Internet
You must register for each session you want to attend. Please see complete details & registration links on the “Coming Events” page on our website.


Monday, April 19

Best Practices SIG

Zoom Meeting:  1:00pm – 2:20pm

Topic:  Locality Research

Coordinators:  Annette Burke-Lyttle & Pat Adams

Wednesday, April 21

Mid-Atlantic States SIG

Defender Room @ the Lake Miona Recreation Center   9:30am – 11:10am

Coordinator:  Karen Pickelsimer


5 Things You Might Be Missing on Ancestry

It’s easy to focus on the searches and the results when we’re using Ancestry. However, there are some features of the site that you might be overlooking –– features that can make your research more productive. Make your searching more effective with these 5 features. Continue reading …

Beginning German Genealogy 

Elevenses with Lisa Louise Cooke  Genealogy Gems Broadcast

If you’re new to German Genealogy or your research has stalled, this recent broadcast is for you. This particular show features Katharine Schober, a translator, author and German handwriting expert. She’ll be sharing her 10 Top Tips for Beginning German Genealogy. Click HERE to start watching.

Do You Have Irish Genealogy? Use This Handy Surname Guide to Trace Your Heritage

If you have Irish heritage, there is probably at least one Irish surname in your family. As Irish families can be challenging to trace, this guide to Irish surnames and their origins and meanings will help you learn the beginnings of your Irish family tree branch. Learn more.


Turning Raw Information into Evidence: Tips for Drawing and Explaining Conclusions

Tuesday, April 20 @ 2:00pm (EDT)

Presenter:  J.H. (Jay) Fonkert, CG

Brush up on your evidence analysis skills. Grasp the difference between direct and indirect evidence. Understand how to logically weave indirect evidence to answer a research question. Learn how to craft a proof statement, a proof summary, or a more complex proof argument. This is a free FamilyTree webinar – advance registration required – click HERE.

3 Ways to Advance Your Research with Correlation

Wednesday, April 21 @ 2:00pm (EDT)

Presenter:  Shannon Green, CG

Correlation is required to meet the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS), but what exactly is it? How do I do it? And can it help me solve genealogical problems? We will use case studies to demonstrate how to correlate evidence to generate ideas for further research, test hypotheses, and present conclusions. You will leave the webinar with clear steps to apply your genealogy at different stages during the research process. This is a free FamilyTree webinar – advance registration required – click HERE.

Recent Updates to MyHeritage’s Historical Record Search Engine

Tuesday, April 27 @ 2:00pm (EDT)

Presenter:  Dana Drutman, Sr. Product Manager at MyHeritage

The MyHeritage search engine for historical records is easier and more intuitive than ever before. In this webinar you’ll review the improved search interface and explore some of the noteworthy new collections in MyHeritage’s historical record database. This is a free FamilyTree webinar – advance registration required – click HERE.

94% European and 6% Nigerian – Tracing My Missing Nigerian Ancestor

Wednesday, April 28 @ 2:00pm (EDT)

Presenter:  Yetunde Moronke Abiola

You have discovered that you have 6% Nigerian ethnicity in your DNA or maybe a friend or client asked about this. What does this mean? Who is this missing link and how do you find this ancestor? Many people have discovered that they have a percentage of African in their genetic makeup. So what’s next? How do you begin to find your Nigerian ancestor? FamilyTree webinar – advance registration required – click HERE.

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