Saturday, December 26, 2020

VGS News & Events: December 27, 2020 through January 2 2021

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Since June 7, 2013 and 998 posts later, this will be my final post. For those who subscribed to receive their news by email, thank you for your following and I hope you gained some good material from it. I want to thank all those that provide educational material to the genealogy community. Without them, this blog would not have been a reality. 
Karen Feeney, the new VGS Webmaster, will continue some form of this blog and probably will supply some improvements as she becomes acclimated to our society.  I wish her well.


10 Quick Ways to Speed Up a Slow Mac

How-to Geek
"Macs can perform slowly, too. If your Mac seems to be running slower than it should, the variety of tips here should help you identify and fix the problem. As with a Windows PC, there are many reasons a Mac might be slow."


What Your German Surname Says About Your Ancestors

Ancestral Findings
"German surnames have histories going back to the Middle Ages, and each one tells a story about the original medieval person who bore it. Knowing the history of these names can tell you things about your ancient ancestors the written records cannot. "
Listen now...  8.30 minutes


Ten Databases You Need to Know About:

Legacy Family Tree
"Researchers depend on the internet but often look at only a few sites. These 10 databases are not frequently visited but should be!"
Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 2:00pm Eastern
Presenter: Shannon Combs-Bennett

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