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VGS News & Events: May 31 through June 6, 2020

Practice Social-Distancing
Coming Events:  Due to Covid-19, no Rec Center meetings this coming week. Some SIG's are having virtual meetings. Be on the lookout for emails announcing the meetings and how to connect to them.  This list is very fluid. Check the "Coming Events" section of the website as event news becomes available.
Monday, June 1
RootsMagic Special Interest Group Meeting
2:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Online Webinar
Val Harris Co-Ordinator
"RootsMagic 8 Uodate" - Ken Macomber
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Eastern European Genealogy SIG Meeting
1:00 pm
Online Webinar
Carol Myers & Marie Musialek, coordinators
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Italian SIG Zoom Meetings 
 Monday's at 1:00 p.m.
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The Villages Meeting Room Update

The Villages Recreation Dept.
"Thank you for returning your resident lifestyle volunteer group intention forms. We will now begin working on best practices to manage the resident lifestyle volunteer groups in this new norm.

Group meetings will not be the same as prior to COVID-19. Your currently scheduled meeting days, times and room capacity will be modified to allow for social distancing, ample time to enter and exit facilities, clean rooms and set-up for the next club/activity. Equipment and supplies will also be limited to protect you and your participants.

The return of resident lifestyle groups will begin in phases in a slow organized manner. Cards and Board Games because of high touch opportunities and social clubs with large participation will be phased in at a later date with restrictive guidelines.

RLVG leaders will meet, in advance of their first meeting, with staff to review new room set-ups and expectations. We appreciate your cooperation, understanding and patience as we work in partnership to navigate and learn new and safer ways to enjoy the lifestyle opportunities here in The Villages."

Gen News and Announcements:

Free Family History Classes and Webinars for June 2020

"The world famous FamilySearch Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah is offering free webinars for June 2020.   Classes feature topics ranging from the Research Process, Research Help and Searching Records, to The FamilySearch Catalog, Dutch Handwriting, England Records, Best Practices for Nordic Research, and Oregon Land Records."
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4 Changes to the Search Experience that Make It Easier to Find Records, Attach to Family Tree:

"Searching records on has never been easier! The latest updates to FamilySearch’s search experience improve the ability to refine searches, find record collections, and standardize record dates attached to persons on the Family Tree."
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The Handy 10-Point Checklist Every Family Historian Needs:

"So you're ready to get started on your family tree? Are you sure you've gathered together all the information you need? A little bit of preparation can make all the difference in the early stages of family research."
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Who Is My great Great Grandfather’s Daddy? A ThruLines Experiment

Kitty Cooper
"My great great grandfather Jørgen Oleson Wold, 1816-1892, from Skougar near Drammen, Norway, was born 9 years before his parents tied the knot. Although his father is listed as the man his mother eventually married, DNA testing has stirred up my doubts."
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The Basic Steps in Cleaning Up the FamilySearch Family Tree:

Genealogy's Star
"Whether you are currently deeply involved in researching and adding new names to the Family Tree or just now beginning to learn about how to sign on, we all have the same basic challenges."
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How Your iPhone’s New COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Work:

How-to Geek
"Apple and Google have created a new digital framework for contact tracing for the COVID-19 pandemic that works around an Exposure Notifications API. Apple is rolling out an Exposure Notifications feature and API in the iOS 13.5 update for iPhone. But what exactly does it do?"
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Everything You Need to Know About the 1890 US Federal Census:

Ancestral Findings
"The 1890 census is famous for not being here for genealogists to use. At least, most of it is not available. There are a few fragments that still exist. If you are lucky enough to have ancestors in surviving portions of the 1890 census, here is what you can find in it…"
Listen now...  8.18 minutes


Sources for Landed and Titled People:

Legacy Family Tree
"Learn what original, published and internet sources are available for tracing your “upper crust” ancestors, those who are titled and/or owned land. Prove those connections to Royalty."
Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern
Presenter: Paul Milner
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"What are the Odds?" An online tool that can help solve DNA puzzles

Legacy Family Tree
"When working with DNA for family history research, there are many scenarios where a "mystery match" will emerge. This person will share DNA with several people within a known tree, while their genealogical connection to the tree is not known. They could be someone with unknown or mistaken parentage, or simply an uncommunicative match. This webinar will show how "What are the Odds?" (WATO) can guide you towards answers to puzzles like these."
Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern
Presenter: Jonny Perl
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