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VGS News & Events: May 10 through May 16, 2020

Practice Social-Distancing
Coming Events:  Due to Covid-19, no Rec Center meetings in May. Some SIG's are having virtual meetings. Be on the lookout for emails announcing the meetings and how to connect to them or go to "Coming Events" for  more details.  These are the meetings scheduled for May as of this posting.

Monday, May 11, 18 & 25
Italian Genealogy SIG Meeting
1:00 pm
Mary Frances Gerace, Coordinator
They are currently holding ZOOM meetings each Monday the 1:00 p.m.
Contact the coordinator for login information

Monday, May 11
“I Remember Mama—But Not Her Maiden Name”  (Evening Live Webinar)
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Online Webinar
Our guest speaker will be: Mary Kircher Roddy, CG
Description: Women can be hard to identify.  If they married, they probably changed their names.  See more than 20 great strategies for finding the maiden name of "troublesome" women in your family's past - and a few more strategies for discovering married names for those sisters, daughters and aunts who have "disappeared." 
Please register for the webinar HERE...

Tuesday, May 12
Preserving Family History SIG Meeting  (Preserving Family History)
2:00 pm
Online Webinar
Tom Sodeman and Nancy Schultz , Coordinators
Topic: "Blending Social History With Family History" 
Presenter: Nancy Flanagan Schultz
Description: It's a challenge to make your family history research interesting to read. It's nearly impossible to learn details about what your family was actually experiencing. Learn how to enrich your family narrative by researching 'social history' gathered from a variety of background sources to enhance your story.
Please register for the webinar HERE...

Thursday, May 14
German Genealogy SIG Meeting
9:30 am
Online Webinar
Dianne Fedderson & Steven Buhrow, coordinators
Presentation: "What Makes German Genealogy so Challenging & Your Tools to Overcome the Hurdles"
Presenter: Bernhard Guenther:
Please register for the webinar HERE...

Wednesday, May 19
Mid-Atlantic States SIG Meeting
10:00 am
Online Webinar
Karen Pickelsimer, Coordinator.
Presentation: "Digging Deeper into FamilySearch"
Presenter: Annette Burke Lyttle
Please register for the webinar HERE... 
Note: Date Change

Tuesday, May 19
Family Tree Maker SIG Meeting
1:00 pm
Online Webinar
John DeAngelo, Coordinator
Presentation: "Setting Up Family Tree Maker for the New User"
Description: Have you recently purchased Family Tree Maker and don't know where to begin? Or, have you been using for your research and want to download your tree into Family Tree Maker? Learn these and other ways to access your data using Family Tree Maker.  We will also cover the correct methods to add your names, dates and places into your software.
Please register for the webinar HERE...

Wednesday, May 27
VGS General Monthly Meeting  (Monthly Meeting)
10:00 am
Via Online Webinar
Presenter: Drew Smith
Topic: Your Ancestor’s Fan Club: Using Cluster Research to Get Past Brick Walls”
Description: Our ancestors were each surrounded by family, associates, and neighbors. By researching them, we discover additional records pointing to our own ancestors.
Please register for the webinar HERE...

Gen News and Announcements:

The Genetic Detective: ABC News Series Follows Investigative Genealogist:

"ABC is on the case! The network just announced the premiere date for their new TV show, The Genetic Detective. The documentary series “follows investigative genetic genealogist CeCe Moore."
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Access from Home: New, Essential Family History Resources 

American Ancestors
"I hope all is well for you. I am writing to share some resources which your members may find valuable towards their genealogical research. American Ancestors is here to help your members access our best-in-class family history programs and services online. Our online learning resources provide authoritative genealogical support for genealogists and family historians around the world. We offer free live webinars, how-to videos, downloads, online courses, and more!
If you think the members of Villages Genealogical Society would be interested, please share the following link with your members for access to our resources."
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New Free Historical Records on FamilySearch: Week of 27 April 2020

"FamilySearch added 1.8 million free, historical records this week from Guatemala, and more from England, Ireland, Peru, Chile, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Puerto Rico and American Samoa. The United States collections added civil, burial, and obituary records from CA, RI, SD, HI, VA, GA, MI, MS, ID, NE, NC, IA, NJ, LA, PA, and UT."
Search now...

Ancestors and Epidemics:

Sassy Jane Genealogy
"Are you researching the deaths of ancestors due to infectious diseases? The Library of Congress can help."
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Hunterdon County, New Jersey Probate Records

Brouwer Genealogy
"Once again we turn to and here again we're going to use their catalog search to look up Hunterdon County, New Jersey. There are a couple of categories here that are of interest: Probate Records, with five titles, and Probate Records - Indexes, with one."
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Unlock Your Ancestor’s Story with Naturalization Records:

"Your ancestors’ naturalization records may hold the key to unlocking their life stories. These records likely hold clues that could lead you back to their hometown and even introduce you to more ancestors"
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How to Mute Everyone on a Zoom Call:

How-to Geek
"While video-conferencing on Zoom, sometimes other people’s video feeds become too noisy. Hosts can mute everyone’s microphones to stop this. Whether someone stepped away to quiet a noisy parrot or is being disruptive, here’s how to mute them."
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Finding Ancestors with Common Surnames:

Ancestral Findings
"Do you have an ancestor with an incredibly common surname or a surname that is a place, verb, or noun? These people can be tricky to identify in old records."
Listen now...   8.22 minutes


Leveraging MyHeritage's German Resources Effectively:

Legacy Family Tree
"Researching German ancestors? Learn about the German historical records you can find on MyHeritage and how to make the most of them."
Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern
Presenter: James M. Beidler
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The Ultimate Family History Interview:

Legacy Family Tree
"One of the most important sources of genealogy information is oral history. Learn the tips, tricks, and more to get the most information from the family members you interview."
Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern
Presenter: Nicka Smith
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