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VGS News & Events: 22 December through 28 December, 2019

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20 Best Christmas Traditions Your Family Will Cherish for Decades

Country Living
"To help you remember the best Christmas traditions to try (and perhaps incorporate into your December every year), we've rounded some of our favorites right here. Whether you choose to do one, a few, or all of these yuletide rituals, you can't beat the memories you'll be making with your family that you'll cherish for years to come."
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5 Hanukkah Traditions:

"Celebrate the festival of lights and stick to Hanukkah traditions to show your appreciation for the holiday. Take part in Chanukah traditions such as lighting the menorah, playing the dreidel game, eating gelt, cooking and baking delicious food, and enjoying the fun of Hanukkah gifts."
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Kwanzaa Christmas Traditions & Customs:
"Kwanzaa is a seven day festival that celebrates African and African American culture and history. Kwanzaa takes place from 26th December to 1st January."
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15 Christmas Traditions Only Germans Will Understand:

Culture Trip
"As in many other Christian countries, Christmas is the most special time of the year in Germany. Though the most important ingredients of Christmas across the world are the same – festive cheer, family time and delicious food – each country has its own special way of celebrating this magical festival. These Christmas traditions and rituals are quintessentially German."
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5 Italian Christmas Traditions You Probably Didn’t Know About:

"Here are five Italian traditions that you may never have heard of before, from the gift-giving Befana, to the all important game of tombola…"
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Top ten Irish Christmas traditions - Old Fashioned and Modern Ireland Combined:

Irish Central
"Christmas in Ireland embodies these top ten traditions and less we get too twee (I have included the then and now versions)..."
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A Scandinavian Christmas: History and Food Traditions:

"The land of ice and snow, of warm-huddle-fires and reindeer, Scandinavia is as close to the Christmas idyll as one can get, and certainly more approachable and cuddly than the North Pole itself."
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10 Ways to British Up Your Christmas Holiday:

"Many American Christmas traditions trace back to England, like the main staples of decorating your home, putting up a tree, exchanging presents and having a mid-day dinner. Why not British it up a bit more this year? "
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Christmas Customs in Central & East Europe:
"Christmas  is the most important family holiday of the year in all East European countries, except Albania and Bosnia."
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