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VGS News & Events: 10 February through 16 February 2019

Family Tree Maker Conference Morning Session Attendees
Coming Events:
Monday: February 11, 2019
Exploring the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)  (Live Webinar)
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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Our February 22nd, Annual Seminar is almost here and only a few seats remain. Registration deadline is February 18th... Have you registered?
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Tuesday: February 12, 2019
Preserving Family History SIG Meeting
2:30 PM in the Destin Room at the Sea Breeze Recreation Center
Topic: "Heirlooms 2: The VGS Road Show"
Wednesday: February 13, 2019
Irish Genealogy SIG Meeting
10:00 AM in the Osceola Room at the Chula Vista Recreation Center
Wednesday: February 13, 2019
(Note Date Change for this Meeting)
Genetic Genealogy SIG Meeting
10:00 AM in the Rhett Butler Room at the Savannah Center
Presentation: "DNA Show and Tell"
Wednesday: February 13, 2019
New to Genealogy SIG Meeting
2:30 PM in the Neptune Beach Room at the Sea Breeze Recreation Center
Thursday: February 14, 2019
German Genealogy SIG Meeting
9:30 AM in the Reliance Room at the Late Miona Recreation Center
Topic: "Gretel's Typical German Family - Their Turmoil through Two World Wars" by Meredith Price (Outside Speaker)
Friday: February 15, 2019
Scandinavian Genealogy SIG Meeting
10:00 AM in the Clearwater Room Sea Breeze Recreation Center

Gen News and Announcements:

News - Roots in Politics 

Finding Your Roots
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the diverse family histories of politicians Paul Ryan, Tulsi Gabbard and Marco Rubio. They each see a shared vision of the great American melting pot reflected in their ancestors’ stories. Premieres Tuesday, February 12, 8/7c

News - Law Enforcement Does Not Have Open Access To The FTDNA Database.

Family Tree DNA
"They cannot search or “dig through” FTDNA profiles any more than an ordinary user can.   As with all other genetic genealogy services, law enforcement must provide valid legal process, such as a subpoena or search warrant to receive any information beyond that which any other user can access."
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News - Woman Reunited with Mother After 50-Year Search:

My Heritage
"MyHeritage user Faith Loftesness of Colorado was adopted as a baby at a hospital in 1957 in Albany, New York. She was nine when she learned she was adopted. Then she began looking for her biological parents, wanting to know more about where she came from. Her 50-year search finally ended when she recently reunited with her biological mother, thanks to MyHeritage DNA."
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News - Manatee Genealogical Society Seminar Announcement

"Join us at our Winter Seminar on March 16, 2019, 8 am - 4 pm at the Manatee Technical College, 6305 State Road 70 E., Bradenton, FL.
Dr. Thomas W. Jones, a nationally recognized genealogist, editor of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and award-winning author of the books Mastering Genealogical Proof and Mastering Genealogical Documentation.  Dr. Jones will present four sessions during the all-day event.  The seminar includes complementary continental breakfast and refreshments, door prizes, and Q&A with Dr. Jones on genealogical issues.
The registration fee is $45 for members and $55 for non-members. 
Full details of the seminar, schedule, and registration information are on the web site:

New Historical Records on FamilySearch: Week of January 28, 2019

"FamilySearch added new free historical records this week from Austria, Brazil, Cape Verde, England, France, Italy (Mantova, Terni, and Vicenza), Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States (Maine and Missouri)."
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The Truth About Millennials and Genealogy:

Amy Johnson Crow...
"Is it true that millennials don't care about genealogy? Are they indifferent to their family history? I decided to find out..."
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This Straightforward Technique Will Help You Uncover Missed Facts About Your Ancestors:

Family History Daily
"Of the many techniques we have at our disposal for researching our ancestors, timelines can be among the most eye-opening and, yet, they are often forgotten - buried in an endless genealogy to-do list or put off for some future rainy day when we have more time."
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The Big Y Test Increases Again to Big Y-700:

"We’ve been getting our wishes granted at breakneck speed in this past year, with the addition of the Big Y-500 (that’s 500 free STR markers) in April 2018. Now, our wishes have been granted again as Family Tree DNA expands the Big Y to 700 included STR markers."
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Can Anyone Really Track My Phone’s Precise Location?

"It’s the year 2019, and everyone willingly carries a tracking device in their pockets. People can have their precise locations tracked in real time by the government, advertising companies, and even rogue bounty hunters. It sounds like dystopian fiction—but it’s a reality" Yes!
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A Review of Family Tree Magazine:

Ancestral Findings
"Are you interested in reading or subscribing to a new genealogy magazine that has something for everyone? Family Tree Magazine is the one for you. Today I’ll give you a review of this amazing stalwart of the genealogical magazine industry."
Listen now...  7.40 minutes


Reconstructing Your Genetic Family Tree:

Legacy Family Tree Webinars
"A genetic family tree is the list of genealogical ancestors from whom you inherited DNA. One of the goals of genetic genealogy is to recreate this genetic family tree through a process called “chromosome mapping.” Chromosome mapping uses cousin matches to identify which segments of DNA came from which ancestors, thus recreating your genetic family tree. We’ll look at the fundamentals of chromosome mapping and some tools you can use to begin to map your DNA."
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 8:00 p.m.
Presenter: Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D.
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